POLICIES (the serious stuff!!)

Thank you for choosing THE KEEN VOICE STUDIO for your singing lessons.  There are many voice teachers in the Tri-State Area, but none has excelled in both teaching and performing internationally.  Catherine Keen has been singing on the international stages in both opera and symphonic work for over twenty-five years.  She has worked with notable Broadway director, Francesca Zambello (THE LITTLE MERMAID), OSCAR winner, William Friedkin (THE EXORCIST and THE FRENCH CONNECTION) and numerous operatic stage directors and conductors around the globe.

Ms. Keen’s mission is to guide singers of all ages through a musical journey that helps them discover their true voice; through learning how to breathe and support their instrument, how to understand proper vocal technique no matter the singing style, and to learn the importance of expressing themselves through their voice.

Catherine Keen teaches students ages 9 and up, in styles ranging from musical theater to hip-hop, classical to country, rock to jazz. She teaches top-notch professionals as well as beginners.

THE KEEN VOICE STUDIO offers packages for the serious singer as well as those who simply want an introduction to singing.  Whether you need help preparing your next Broadway or Opera role, the solo in your church choir, the lead in your school play, or the vocals in your rock band, or if you just want to sing for your own pleasure, Ms. Keen can help guide you along your musical journey.

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Tuition Payment

Tuition should be remitted prior to the first lesson of your selected package. The Keen Voice Studio will only provide lessons to students whose accounts are in good standing. We now accept credit cards*, PayPal*, Cash and Checks, made out to THE KEEN VOICE STUDIO. *( 3% fee applies)

Cancellation Policy

THE KEEN VOICE STUDIO allows each student ONE make-up lesson per quarter for an excused absence. (An excused absence requires 24 hours notice prior to the absence). Teacher is not required to make up more than one unexcused lesson. The make-up lesson will occur, at the latest, 30 days after the end of your selected package, and at a time designated by the teacher.  Teacher is required to make up any lesson cancelled due to Teacher’s illness, professional engagement or unavoidable conflict.  Teacher will make every effort to provide ample notice should such a conflict arise.
Excused absences include documented illness (doctor’s note), inclement weather (level 2 snow emergencies and above, tornado warnings, etc.)

  • Should you be unable to make your scheduled lesson time due to an emergency, please notify me at least 24 hours in advance by emailing and/or texting and I will try to reschedule your lesson.  Emergencies happen and I try to be understanding.  However, know that these emergencies are still billed and rescheduling/makeup lesson will only be at my discretion.
  • If you are really sick, please reschedule your lesson by text or email before 9 in the morning.  If you come to your lesson sick, you may be sent home, and are still responsible for the cost.  A make up lesson time is usually offered if there are any make up lesson times available.
  • No makeup lessons will be offered for nonattendance or no communication.


Termination Policy

If lessons are being discontinued for any reason, we require 30-day notice in writing. No refunds will be offered for pre-paid packages if the requisite notice has not been provided.
Leave of Absence (Requires 30-day notice) In the event of a family vacation or any other event that would cause a student to miss several consecutive classes, you may elect to take a Leave of Absence.  We cannot guarantee your reserved slot if you elect to take a leave of absence. Please note that your account will continue to be billed after the agreed-upon date of return.

Discount Policy

THE KEEN VOICE STUDIO offers a 10% discount toward tuition when a second family member enrolls in a 30-minute or 60-minute lesson. The discount applies to family member only and for packages of equal or greater value.

Refund Policy

Tuition is refunded in cases of illness or injury with a physician’s written statement addressed to THE KEEN VOICE STUDIO.


The Teacher encourages students to work with an accompanist a couple of times every quarter.  This is an essential part of the student’s growth and necessary to prepare for auditions and competitions. The additional fee for an accompanist is $15 per half hour of lesson time.  You are responsible for paying the accompanist at the time of service.  Cash and checks are acceptable forms of payment.  There will be times when we perform off-site (recitals / nursing homes / competitions / auditions) and the accompanist fee will vary depending on the number of students involved.

Miscellaneous Fees

There may be additional fees for books, other materials and supplies. These fees will be agreed upon before purchase. Materials fees are non-refundable.  You are responsible for fees when the Teacher buys music or books for you.

Referral Program

We are always delighted when a new student has been referred for voice lessons.  Please let us know when you have referred someone.  If the referred student registers and completes 2 months of lessons, you will receive a free 60-minute lesson after that period.  Date of free lesson to be determined by the teacher and parent.

Audio / Video Copyright Policy

THE KEEN VOICE STUDIO may take photographs and shoot videos during recitals & masterclasses which may include images (as well as audio/video recordings of voices) of students. THE KEEN VOICE STUDIO reserves the right to use such materials for publicity, marketing and promotional purposes (e.g. electronic and printed publications, web sites, social media, etc.) without prior permission of the subjects.
All rights to those images, audio and video recordings are reserved, and none of the materials may be copied, reproduced or distributed, in whole or in part, without prior written permission of THE KEEN VOICE STUDIO.