"Catherine is, by far, the best voice coach in the area. Her own training, years of experience, and dedication to her students is unrivaled. Catherine strives to know and understand all aspects of her students including their personality, experience, maturity level, strengths and weaknesses, and their ability to connect emotionally with songs and music. Catherine's kindness, amazing sense of humor, and insight make her perfect for working with kids of all ages.

Catherine has been able to identify specific areas where our daughter needed to improve her technique. As a result of this individualized, focused training, we've seen tremendous improvement in her performance, in a very short period of time. With Catherine's guidance and instruction, our daughter will be well prepared for all auditions and performances that come her way.

We are so very grateful to have someone so caring, honest, and dedicated to her students working with our daughter."

Duane and Karen


 " Catherine is simply amazing! My son was referred to her for vocal lessons several months ago and was less than enthusiastic about going. He said he would go one time and decide if he wanted to go back. Catherine was so inviting and excited about singing and she was genuinely interested in my son as an individual. Needless to say, my son decided to continue with vocal lessons, in his words ,” She’s fun and I forgot how much I loved singing until now.”

Thank you Catherine for sharing your contagious enthusiasm for singing. My son has decided to pursue the Governor’s School for the Arts and is singing in his first school musical. "

Dawn D.


 " I recently started taking lessons with Catherine and I am amazed at the immediate improvement in my voice and how the strain has lessened. She really knows how to convey concepts and techniques to someone like me, with no real formal musical training. She is relentless as well as forgiving and is just as quick to praise you as well as correct you. I play guitar and sing in our band twentyfour7band and recently the other guitar player and I started an acoustic duo Lucky13. We bring our acoustic guitars and she coaches us on our material. It makes ALL the difference! She is an amazing teacher and person. I would encourage anyone needing vocal help to seek her out. You won't be sorry; it’s time and money well spent. Thank you Catherine for all that you are to Doug and me."

Sheila Y.


 " Catherine Keen is absolutely the best voice coach my daughter has ever had. She willingly shares her love of music and performing, her life lessons learned throughout her career, and is an example of what hard work and dedication can produce. Catherine’s passion for music is infectious. I was amazed from the beginning at the way Catherine immediately connected with my daughter. Catherine has an innate ability to put her students at ease with her welcoming smile and her genuine desire to see them each succeed. One of the first lessons that Catherine taught my daughter was to have fun, and each lesson she helps that occur with her nurturing spirit.

Catherine has helped by daughter understand the physicality of singing, and in a short period of time, my daughter has made amazing improvements. Catherine encourages her to be brave and try new things, and she has helped instill in my daughter a renewed confidence. My daughter has a “big” voice, and Catherine has helped her see that that is a positive and not a negative. My daughter is more willing to experiment with her voice and new music and, thanks to Catherine, my daughter has a renewed love for her passion—music and singing.

We searched quite a while to try and find just the right teacher and “coach” for our daughter. We are blessed that Catherine has filled that role and know that with Catherine’s guidance, our daughter will continue to grow and mature as a person and a singer. "

Jennifer Moser


"Catherine Keen is my long time colleague and friend. She is a wonderful singer and excellent voice teacher who is caring and passionate about everything she does. I can confidently say she is a master at her craft, having had great success in opera and symphonic works both in the United States and abroad. Catherine creates a fun, loving and safe environment for the student to grow and learn. She has the ability to pinpoint vocal issues and quickly resolves them. Feel confident that Catherine Keen has the skills and understanding to help you or a loved one along the journey to discovering the singing voice."

Daniel S.
International Opera Singer


"I was fortunate enough to study with Catherine Keen for several years in New York City. She is a terrific coach that helped me prepare some of the big tenor repertoire like Radames in AIDA, Cavaradossi in TOSCA and Bacchus in ARIADNE AUF NAXOS for the International stages.. She understands how the voice functions, good breath support and helps you free the voice so you can tap in to your deepest creativity. I always look forward to our sessions and have learned along the way to sing on my vocal INTEREST, and not my vocal CAPITAL. Catherine has that rare talent of being equally gifted as a teacher AND a performer."

Ta'u P.
Ex NFL Football Player, Juilliard Graduate and International Opera Singer


"Catherine's contagious smile, energy, positive attitude, and demand for excellence have been an inspiration in my voice lessons with her. She knows how to adapt her musical language to fit the learning styles and needs of her students. It's wonderful to see the enthusiasm in her face after I've accomplished a task she's given me. She challenges me but also encourages me to explore the realm of new possibilities. Catherine creates an environment where it's safe to experiment, discover, make mistakes, and celebrate victories, all in the process of making me a better musician."

Jill P.
Professional Mezzo-Soprano


"Working with Catherine was very comfortable. She encourages you to be goofy and has breathing and stretching exercises for new students to break the ice before lessons. I sing for a rock band but some vocal techniques and practices transcend genres and are beneficial for any singer. I really enjoyed learning more about myself as a singer during her lessons and I would definitely recommend her for beginners as well as experienced singers who want to work on their craft."

Brady Reis
Lead Vocals Rock Band CINEMA SLEEP


"Ms. Keen is truly one of the best teachers I have ever worked with, inspiring me both as a musician and a life coach.  Her attention to my goals, extensive knowledge of how the voice works, and positive approach to handling performance anxiety have helped me improve leaps and bounds in all the repertoire I'm performing, whether it be classical, pop, or musical theatre.  She has given me the tools and the confidence to sing in ways I never even knew were possible before now!"

Linsey R


"Since taking lessons from Catherine Keen, I have found my true voice.  At 36 years of age, a graduate from CCM and Lindemann finalist, I feel that I have finally found and accepted the instrument God has given me with the help of Catherine's teaching. She has helped me develop the physical support, technique and mental capability needed to sing and sustain the dramatic mezzo repertoire.  She not only fosters great singing through technique but also creates a safe atmosphere in which to do it.  She is a true technician and teacher of her times."

Brandi S


"Catherine has been a beautiful asset in the growth of our Thomas. As a young man battling a large voice and needing direction, Catherine brought him through so many obstacles and gave him the confidence he needed. He has already landed a year full of roles so far. By keeping him on track and being able to control his maturing voice through his vocal change, her style fit Thomas like a glove and we are ever so grateful. She is giving him the tools he needs to succeed and is always there to keep him in check. Thank you so much Catherine for all you do. I am a very happy parent with a very happy child!!"

Missy Moore